How Comfortable Are Your Cushions?

Cushion Comfort - Foam Quality
In the last several years, Foamcraft has noticed a steady decline, specifically in the RV industry, in the density of foam used in seating areas and mattresses. We're concerned how this may be affecting the satisfaction of end-users and have thus begun an investigation centering around customer satisfaction.
This page is your hub for summaries of our research. From blog articles, survey statistics, and even photography of current products in the field, we'll keep you up to date on our consumer and dealer research. 
Foamcraft is dedicated to providing quality cushioning products with lasting comfort, and durability. Comfort is a science and Foamcraft has the ability to meet the many performance standards within the RV Cushioning Industry.
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The intial results of some of our surveys reveal an interesting trend in comfort satisfaction. Of those surveyed, 78% expressed some level of unsatisaction.
Unsatisifed comfort in RVs 
Further, of all surveyed, 33% reported that they had replaced either their cushion or mattresses. The biggest problem with that number was that 0% ever did it through a warranty program. Meaning, that the unsatisfied replacements being sought are happening without manufacturers being aware.