Fact #1: There is No Substitute for Quality

Our patented and exclusive Comfort Saver process isn't new anymore. We've been running our state of the art surface modified technology for years, and have grown to rely on it as a cornerstone of the quality focus that Foamcraft offers.
Comfort Saver brings so much to the table. First, Foamcraft is the only fabricator in the world that offers it, which is certainly marketable. But more importantly, it offers significant benefits in both quality and value.
Pressure Maps are great, but they do not tell the whole story about comfort, let alone quality. So, what about durability? 
Incredibly, Foamcraft's Comfort Saver process also offered a lower percentage IFD (compression) loss after 80,000 cycles through our ASTM standard fatigue test. this means over time, a comfort saver product will soften slower. This is good news in terms of quality.
Finally, Comfort Saver adds value. This process allows for a significant material savings, which in turn creates a cost savings for the customers. The way that the foam is cut allows, for example, to four inch slabs to be cut out of 7 inches of foam. Even better, our machines are customizable, so the ideal combination of base and peak height can be utilized.
To learn more about Comfort Saver and how it can creatively add quality and value to bedding products, please feel free to contact us. Comfort Saver is just one way that Foamcraft is always trying to increase quality to our customers.