Foamcraft Ad in RV Business

At the 2010 National RV Trade Show, Foamcraft Inc. exhibited a wide range of cushion construction concepts for sitting and sleeping surfaces in recreational vehicles. With a special focus on Quality, Service, Innovation and Expertise the exhibit was designed to emphasize why foam cushioning is without question the best cushioning value.
Unfortunately, often in a misguided attempt to reduce cost, many RVs are manufactured with cushioning materials that are not as effective as foam cushioning. Only foam cushioning provides adequate support, resiliency and comfort. The fact that many RV consumers are dissatisfied with the sitting and sleep cushioning in units that they have purchased became clearly evident during the first morning of the show. Countless RV dealers stopped by our exhibit space and shared stories of the numerous complaints they receive on a regular basis from RV consumers that are extremely unhappy with the cushioning surfaces in their new RV.

The clear message that resonated from the 2010 National RV Trade Show was that there is a demand for improved cushioning surfaces in RV units and that the improvement needs to focus on comfort, durability and value. Only foam cushioning has that capability.

As a result, Foamcraft is launching the "YOU DESERVE BETTER" campaign that kicks off with an ad in the January/February issue of RV Business.

The complaints of RV consumers regarding poor cushioning can be resolved. The solution is foam. With the combination of Expertise and Innovation, only foam cushion constructions can provide the best comfort, durability, and value. Foamcraft has the unique capability to help design that cushion construction concept that can make these benefits a reality.