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Foamcraft utilizes four large plants, all in Indiana, to form our network. These plants help us maintain our reputation as one of the leading foam fabricators in the Midwest. All of the plants in Indiana (Indianapolis, Elhart, Mitchell, and Goshen), provide Foamcraft with efficient shipping points for almost any customer in the country. It also provides our customers with backup options in case of emergency, a benefit that few other foam fabricators can claim.
Foamcraft, Inc. Headquarters
9230 Harrison Park Ct.
Indianapolis, IN 46216
office: (317) 545-FOAM (3626)
plant: (317) 543-3413
Foamcraft, Inc. Elhkart
800 Industrial Pkwy.
Elkhart, IN 46516
(574) 293-8569
Foamcraft, Inc. Mitchell
100 N. Industrial Pkwy.
Mitchell, IN 47446
(812) 849-3350
Foamcraft, Inc. Goshen
703 E. Kercher Rd
Goshen, IN 46526
(574) 534-4343
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