The Leader In Foam Fabrication for Decades

Since 1952 Foamcraft, Inc. has led the polyurethane foam fabrication industry. Today, Foamcraft's focus on Quality, Service, Innovation, and Expertise sets us apart from our competition.
Foamcraft has a network of five full capability foam fabrication facilities, all of which are equipped with top of the line technology. We offer an advanced Quality Assurance Lab, ensuring the quality of the polyurethane foam purchased by our customers.
Foamcraft continues to lead the polyurethane foam fabrication industry by focusing on Quality, Service, Innovation, and Expertise.
  • Foamcraft maintains a state-of-the-art Quality lab that is daily verifying polyurethane foam properties like density, IFD compression, flame retardancy, compression set, and much more.

  • The Foamcraft management team brings to the table hundreds of combined years of experience in the polyurethane foam industry.

  • Foamcraft utilizes only the most technologically advanced foam fabrication equipment. From efficient CNC technology, to Comfort SaverTM surface modification that only Foamcraft can perform, our polyurethane foam products utilize the most innovative fabrication techniques in the industry.