Together, Every Employee Makes Up the Foamteam

We are the FoamTeam!
What is the FoamTeam? Simply put, it answers the question "How do we do what we do?"

Our team members craft foam into our customers' products. They cut. They assemble. They inspect. They deliver. Our FoamTeam keep us all working and they keep making us better.



We were founded over 65 years ago. And we're not going anywhere.


Working on Sundays has never, and will never, be an option.


Over 50% of our plant management staff worked their way up.
Foamcraft is commited to growth not only for the impact on revenue, but for the opportunity to expand employment and invest in the development of individuals.

Our current openings can be found within the links below for each of our five facilities. To submit a resume, please email with your name and contact information, along with the location and position for which you want to apply.