Comfort Saver

The unique surface modified maze design offers a cost benefit, improved durability, and a style available exclusively from Foamcraft, Inc. Unlike traditional convoluted design, Comfort Saver™ has strong support walls, which will enhance the foam's strength and performance.
The convincing results of the pressure mapping clearly indicate the comfort advantage of Comfort Saver™. The average pressure (lbs psi) resulting from the Comfort Saver™ process reflected nearly a 25% comfort improvement over the surface which was not modified.
The process includes a pre-conditioning feature that reduces the potential durability loss that would otherwise be experienced by the consumer. As foam sheets of varying thicknesses are fabricated with the Comfort Saver™ process, a significant level of normal compression loss is eliminated.
This revolutionary foam fabrication process is the result of utilizing proprietary surface modified technology (SMT), provided by Foamex, in combination with an exclusive Foamcraft licensed design pattern, selected for its superiority over traditional convoluted designs.

The unique design pattern of randomly placed lateral and diagonal support walls allow for an improved surface comfort while simultaneously maintaining support and cushion fill. The Comfort Saver™ process is designed to save material, which provides for a significant cost benefit.