These results are updated from Thursday' Sweet 16 results.

Some notes:

It's a four person race!!! Here's what each person needs:

  1. Marcus, while in first for now, has a tough road. To hang on to the lead he would have to have Loyola beating Villanova in the championship! That sounds like fun, though.
  2. Kaia Knox has shot up the leaderboard and maybe has the best chance to win. All she needs is Kansas to beat Villanova and she will be the winner.
  3. Josh has a decent chance as well. He would need Loyola to beat Michigan, and then Villanova to win it all.
  4. Rob has hung out on the bottom all tournament, but has managed to keep both championship teams alive. If the final game is Villanova vs. Michigan, he will win.

Eddie Meyer has officially achieved last place. Well done, sir.


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