The Foamcraft Story


It all started when...

In 1952, Robert T. Elliott, the founder of our company, started the Foamcraft Rubber Company. As a District Sales Manager for the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, he was responsible for helping start several foam rubber distributors.

Foamcraft was his special passion though, and in founding our company he set a foundation for business integrity and dedication to service, as well as a vision to develop long term relationships with our customers. We continue to practice and strongly believe in all of those objectives that "RT" so soundly established for our company many decades ago. We will always be grateful and never forget the dedication of Robert T. Elliott to Foamcraft, Inc.

Our long-standing commitment to integrity in all of our business dealings, continuous quality improvement, and adding value to our products through dedicated service and innovation have been fundamental to positioning Foamcraft as the leader in foam fabrication for decades.

Today, two of RT's children and four grandchildren are actively involved in the company. Foamcraft is a family company through and through, and plans to be for generations to come.