Our Brands

While the vast majority of what Foamcraft does is centered around business to business, bulk manufacturing, we’ve been able to provide consumers specific benefits with the expertise we have. Each of these brands serves a niche market, and provides Foamcraft the ability to interact with end users of foam products as well as provide a level of sustainability and growth dependent upon our own creativity.


Hundreds of people every year wanting a small volume of foam for a DIY project. The problem is, that sort of process just doesn’t fit in with the rest of our production flow. So we launched BestWay. This website handles small volume, custom sized foam orders all across the USA.


We supply a lot of foam into the larger mattress industry, but we’re also capable of some pretty unique solutions for a finished mattress direct to customers. Focusing almost entirely in our local Indianapolis area, Comfort Option is our fastest growing brand.


Did you know Foamcraft has a sewing department? As a result, we brought in some American made vinyl and had some fun. Foamnasium supplies kids activity and play products and furniture to daycares, churches, and even straight to home playrooms.