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Polyurethane Foam

Foamcraft's largest volume material, polyurethane foam is widely considered one of the most versatile foam materials available. It's highly resilient, flexible and durable, making it ideal in seating, bedding, packaging, and more. Available to Foamcraft in nearly a hundred combinations of density, firmness, colors, and resilience, the material's superb cushioning capabilities can be fabricated into an almost infinite amount of shapes and sizes.


Polyethylene Foam

A more rigid foam material than Polyurethane Foam, PE foam is closed celled, lightweight, and durable. Based on its excellent vibration dampening and insulation qualities, it's often used in various forms of packaging applications. PE foam provides potential to reduce costs by using smaller amounts of thinner pieces of foam, while still maintaining a high level of protection of a packaged product. 


Reticulated Foam

An incredibly versatile product used in applications that vary as widely as outdoor cushions to sound absorption to filtration, Reticulated Foam is manufactured in various densities, firmness, and pore size.  Foamcraft carries exclusively thermally reticulated foams, which while often more expensive, provide a much higher degree of performance, durability, and consistency.

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Cross-Linked PE Foam

Cross-linked polyethylene is a closed-cell foam that has been chemically cross linked. It provides a smooth feel along with superior physical properties compared to standard polyethylene foams. Because of this, it has the ability to protect class “A” surfaces. Thus, it is heavily used in medical product and equipment packaging.