Greenfield Career Day

Last month, Foamcraft was asked by the Greenfield Area Chamber of Commerce to participate in the 3rd Annual Career Exploration Day with Greenfield Central High School.

Regarding the event, Ms. Retta Livengood, President of the Greenfield Area Chamber of Commerce, said, “This event is an opportunity for the students to come to the businesses and have them see what is available.”

With a newly completed plant just off the i70 and Mt. Comfort Road exit, this was a wonderful opportunity for Foamcraft to begin developing relationships within the Greenfield community.

“This is great exposure for the students to know what is available around Greenfield after they graduate,” said Micah Gerike, Greenfield High School’s P.E. Teacher.

While in the facility, students learned varying aspects of Foamcraft’s daily business need, such as an introduction to “buns” of foam, CAD based CNC contour cutting, the sewing process, among several other production processes.

But for Foamcraft, the production process is not just machinery and operational efficiency.

Robert W. Elliott, Foamcraft’s President and CEO, said to the students, “It takes more than one person to make this work.” He then described how Foamcraft views craftsmanship and unity through an internal motto, “One Craft, Working Together, Thankful for All.”

According to Foamcraft’s leadership, their facilities are more than just production plants, they’re opportunities to develop a craft while being a part of a team.After the tours, one student with Greenfield Central High School was asked what he thought of the facility and foam. He said, “I didn’t know this much went into the things that used foam.”

Foamcraft employees would agree.